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Digital signage content on autopilot

Content is the most important aspect of digital signage and is often overlooked. Content is the driving force responsible for the success of your digital signage investment. Aria Digital partner’s with Seenspire, the first fully fledged content streaming service for digital signage.


One subscription, unlimited content!

Seenspire’s content is designed to drive awareness and attention for your brand, product or service on public displays in places where people wait, work and buy. Choose from Weather, News, Sports, Trivia, Ambient, and much, much more!

Social Media content for your public displays

Repurpose brand-owned or relevant user generated social media content. All sourced, curated and visualized for public displays.

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Automate your content with collab apps!

Seenspire automatically designs the content of your posts coming from collaboration apps such as Teams and makes digital signage accessible to everyone in the organization.

Stay on brand

Personalize content feeds with a one-time setup of your logo, colors and font to stay consistent with your brand.

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