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Retail LED Screen

Next level retail fit out

General Pants have recently opened their new 800m2 Parramatta store. Featuring  a basketball half court for shoppers to hang out and shoot some hoops this store creates an experience for shoppers.  

As customers enter the store they pass a beautiful Pitch 2.5mm LED Screen, this is used to set the scene right from the time they enter the store. General pants has content designed to capture the attention of passing foot traffic as well as promote sales all with the aim of driving more traffic into the store. 

There are also digital components within the store with the denim section featuring four 85″ screens hanging from the ceiling where they show the process denim goes through before it hits the shelves.

Another great store by General Pants providing shoppers an experience they will remember. 


Client: General Pants

Hardware: Pitch 2.5mm LED Screen | Eight hanging 85″ Ultra HD LCD Displays

State: NSW