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Outdoor LED Displays

Aria Digital Screens offers customers a wide range of outdoor LED displays depending on the requirements. With Pixel pitch from 5mm you can acheive amazing results with an LED display from Aria.

The featured product below is the X10 perfect for anything from retro fit outs of pylon signs to giant digital billboards.



High Brightness with great picture quality

With 8000nits brightness this high brightness display is perfect in all conditions. This screen looks stunning as close as 10m away. 



Ultra low power consumption

Even with 8,000 nits brightness it boasts extremely low power consumption, 50% less than the traditional panels. Excellent display performance, the first option for millions of customers worldwide.


Intelligent panel design with real time feedback

Real time monitoring of temperature, humidity, module voltage, cables loosen, & more. This sort of information is so useful to ensure your screen is always performing at its best. 



Designed with style and practicality  

The X10 has 20% less weight than a traditional panel and 1/3 less thickness making it more flexible and better looking than the larger cabinet designs. 

Our Aria Digital Screens outdoor LED displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for outdoor locations such as:

  • Retail Shops, Shopping Centre Car-Parks, Buildings and Roofs
  • Automotive Sales & Service Centres
  • Sport Stadiums, Oval Scoreboards and Event Video/TV Broadcast
  • Airport, Rail and Shipping Precincts and Corridors
  • Hotel Vacancy/Availability & Room Promotions
  • Commercial and Government High-Rise Developments
  • Transport Corridors including Freeways, Motorways and Expressways

Our Aria Digital Screens outdoor LED screens are especially designed to suit Australia’s much brighter out-door conditions, utilising superior designs in LED circuitry and sealing for brightness, water and temperature protection.

Our large bill-board solutions for Out-of-Home (OoH) advertising include LED configurations that provide 2R (Red) globes to better balance colour displays over typical 1R1B1G applications, providing superior display for branding and advertising content.

Passing traffic will notice the brightness of your One World outdoor LED screens, recognising your brand and products better. The One World LED products we use help to drive more customers to your location and brand for increased sales with exciting outdoor LED displays that are relevant and timely.

The included LED software allows you to:

  • Display Text Messages, Graphics and Video
  • Design Multiple Sign Windows
  • Control Brightness and Start/Finish Sessions
  • Design Scoreboards, Time and Temperature Displays
  • Applications of One World LED Outdoor Series include:
  • Simple/Static/Scrolling Brand Logo and Text Messages
  • Animated Product Images and Catalogue Pricing
  • Own Brand and Supplier Video/Youtube
  • Commercials, Tutorials and Video/TV Display
  • Web Enabled Advertising Content Management by AdverpostTM

The technical stuff

The Aria Digital Screens outdoor series of outdoor LED displays feature quality DIP (Data In-Line Packaging) technology to offer maximum clarity for outdoor applications where larger viewing distances are typical. We utilise Silan LED to deliver better longevity and much brighter displays to suit Australia’s stronger sun-light conditions. High grade power supplies also ensure lower service requirements.

Each outdoor dot is comprised of three separate LED globes for each of 1R1G1B (Red Blue Green) to fight the much more powerful outdoor sun-light conditions. Larger pitch LED’s for Aria Digital Screens outdoor LED screens provide options for 2R1B1G. This ensures the finest details at longer viewing distances from advertisers’ digital media including BMP, JPG, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV and more.

Pitch is the millimetre distance between each LED dot. The more dots, the better the resolution of the screen and thus the superior ability to deliver video quality branding and advertising.

Distance is another important factor, the further the distance, the bigger pitch LED. For outdoor solutions we at Aria Digital Screens focus on high resolution LED displays from the exciting P8 outdoor solution to P10, P12 and P16 through to large bill-board applications such as the P20/40 products where longer distances dictate much larger pitch factors. This ensures better return on investment by allowing full colour advertising quality media to be displayed and avoiding limitations imposed by lower resolution outdoor LED screens.