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LED Screens

Aria Digital Screens provide LED screens across Australia. We service Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart as well as regional areas. Aria Digital Screens’ Full colour LED display boards are affordable and attract excellent return on investment through higher impact visualisation. Advertisers, tenants and customers demand excellence in branding & imaging.

  • Attract More Customers with Superior Brand Recognition. Promotional activity.
  • Promote Product & Specials More Often. Drive More Customers to Your Centres & Stores.
  • Support for Video & Popular High Resolution Media. “A Picture Says a Thousand Words”.
  • Dramatically Reduce Sign Costs over Many Years (Mean Time Life Approx. 10 years).
  • Generate Revenue from Out of Home Brand, Tenant & Local Business Advertising.
  • Incorporate Clever Sound Effects & Smart Buy Displays with Smart Device Technology.
  • LED screens are more Vibrant and Noticeable than TV Screens.
  • Energy Efficient & Withstand Years of Bright Display and Rugged Use.
  • Outdoor, Under-Cover, Indoor and Mall Showcase Display Options.
  • Included Software Enables Constant Adaptation as Markets and Consumers or Tenancies Change Brand

Indoor LED Screens

Aria Digital Screens’ small and large indoor LED displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for indoor arenas such as:

  • Retail Shops and Shopping Malls
  • Shipping and Airport Luggage, Arrivals and Departures
  • Hotel Lobbies and Entertainment Venues
  • Cinemas, Theatres and Exhibition Centres
  • Sporting Venues (Aquatic Centres, Football Stadiums)
  • Schools and churches


Semi-Outdoor LED

Aria’s small and large semi-outdoor digital displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for outdoor areas that are partially protected from outdoor elements. Locations such as:

  • Hotel Entertainment / Beer Gardens
  • Airport, Shipping and Rail Concourses
  • Shopping/Atrium Malls
  • Sport Arenas, Aquatic Centres, Football Stadiums
  • Commercial Precincts

Aria Digital Screens semi-outdoor LED displays are designed to withstand the partial effects of weather where roofing and other fixtures primarily protect the sign from the elements. Cabinet design and protection include sealing and placement of components and access. Passing traffic will notice the brightness of your One World LED display, better recognising your brand and products. Drive customers to your location and brand for increased sales with exciting visual communication that is relevant and timely.

Outdoor LED

Our Aria Digital Screens outdoor LED displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for outdoor locations such as:

  • Retail Shops, Shopping Centre Car-Parks, Buildings and Roofs
  • Automotive Sales & Service Centres
  • Sport Stadiums, Oval Scoreboards and Event Video/TV Broadcast
  • Airport, Rail and Shipping Precincts and Corridors
  • Hotel Vacancy/Availability & Room Promotions
  • Commercial and Government High-Rise Developments
  • Transport Corridors including Freeways, Motorways and Expressways

Our Aria Digital Screens outdoor LED screens are especially designed to suit Australia’s much brighter out-door conditions, utilising superior designs in LED circuitry and sealing for brightness, water and temperature protection.

Our large bill-board solutions for Out-of-Home (OoH) advertising include LED configurations that provide 2R (Red) globes to better balance colour displays over typical 1R1B1G applications, providing superior display for branding and advertising content.

Passing traffic will notice the brightness of your Aria LED screens, recognising your brand and products better. The quality LED product we use helps to drive more customers to your location and brand for increased sales with exciting outdoor LED displays that are relevant and timely.