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Indoor LED Displays

Aria Digital Screens offers customers a wide range of indoor LED screens to suit many applications. The featured product below is the N Series indoor LED display.

With amazing features this is perfect for Big Screen TVs, indoor advertising billboards, retail shops and and more.


Excellent image quality

The N Series indoor LED display featured here boasts stunning picture quality to keep your audience engaged. With high gray scale, wide viewing angles and excellent contrast ratio it has everything you need in a high quality display. 


Creative Flat TV Design

The N Series indoor LED display featured here boasts stunning cabinet design.

 At just 8.8kg/panel, 26kg/m2 weight and 54 mm thick it makes installation easy and saves space.



Easy installation with front and rear service

Seriously easy to install and non obtrusive with slim cabinet design and the ability to service from the front or back saving valuable space.



Intelligent monitoring and real time feedback

The N Series has the latest in monitoring technology. Real-time monitor work status, immediately email in the situation of a malfunction, which reduces response time and cost for troubleshooting. Monitoring via PC, Tablet, Mobile phone also available.




Subframe for fast installation

No need for a large subframe. The N-Series ships with a small subframe making fixing to the wall easy and non obtrusive. 

Aria Digital Screens’ small and large indoor LED displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for indoor arenas such as:

  • Retail Shops and Shopping Malls
  • Shipping and Airport Luggage, Arrivals and Departures
  • Hotel Lobbies and Entertainment Venues
  • Cinemas, Theatres and Exhibition Centres
  • Sporting Venues (Aquatic Centres, Football Stadiums)
  • Schools and churches

Customers and potential customers will notice the clarity and brightness of your LED display by Aria Digital Screens, recognising your brand and products better. Drive customers to your location and brand for increased sales with exciting indoor LED displays that are relevant and timely.

Aria Digital Screens specialise in full-colour, small pitch LED displays to ensure high impact and quality advertising solutions are now far more affordable for more businesses.

Ranging from P1 to P6 (millimetres between each LED), our indoor LED displays provide a level of display quality that will impress your audience. 

The included LED software allows you to:

  • Display Text Messages, Graphics and Video
  • Design Multiple Sign Windows
  • Control Brightness and Start/Finish Sessions
  • Design Scoreboards, Time and Temperature Displays

Applications for LED Indoor Series include:

  • Big screen TVs for live entertainment
  • Retail displays for showcasing products
  • Animated Product Images and Catalogue Pricing
  • Own Brand and Supplier Video/YouTube
  • Commercials, Tutorials and Video/TV Display
  • Web Enabled Advertising Content Management by AdverpostTM

The technical stuff

Aria Digital Screens indoor LED displays feature quality SMD (Surface Mounted Diodes) technology to offer maximum clarity for indoor applications. Aria Digital Screens utilises Silan LED to deliver better longevity and much brighter displays to suit Australia’s stronger sun-light conditions. High grade power supplies also ensure lower service requirements.

Each indoor LED pixel is comprised of a single LED that contains three lights, Red Blue Green (RGB) to display the finest details from most digital media including BMP, JPG, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV and more.

Pitch is the millimetre distance between each LED dot. The more dots, the better the resolution of the screen and thus the superior ability to deliver video quality branding and advertising.

Distance is another important factor, the further the distance, the bigger pitch LED. For indoor solutions Aria Digital Screens focuses on high resolution P4, P5, P6, P8 to ensure better return on investment by allowing advertising quality media to be displayed and not being limited to simple text messaging.