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Real Estate Displays

The iVisual digital display solution will not only give you a full return on your investment but will lead to an increase in profits as well. This applies to the real estate sector. When it comes to return on investment, simple maths demonstrates how quickly an iVisual digital display system for real estate window displays pays itself off.

For example, if on average a real estate agency has around 10-15 new listings every month. That’s around 180 listings a year. If an agency charges only $20 for each of those listings (for an unlimited time or until sold) to be displayed on an iVisual digital real estate window display system, the agent automatically has a yearly income of around $3,600. On average, an iVisual digital real estate window display system costs around $10,000, so in one year an agent has a 32% return on investment.

ROI with Our Digital Real Estate LED Screens in Adelaide

Revenue can also be generated through leasing out the advertising space to interior decorators and designers, architects and developers, mortgage brokers and financial institutions. 

Research conclusively shows that the iVisual digital real estate display system receives much more attention compared to a paper window display. It also shows that passers-by are 5 to 10 times more likely to notice our real estate LED screens than paper media.