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Todays retail world is changing at a fast pace. Consumers are becoming more information driven and experience orientated. They have access to other channels easily through the online world. As such competition is becoming more and more challenging with retailers looking to stand out and be noticed.

With all of these challenges, it’s important that retailers adopt clear points of difference and create a truly memorable in store experience for customers.

Digital signage can open up a new world of possibilities for retailers enabling them to thrive in this tough environment. Digital signage enables retailers to:

  • Communicate specific brands and imagery through high resolution screens
  • Communicate information in real time allowing for time sensitive promotional activities
  • Facilitate communication between customers and staff
  • Connect to a wide source of information enriching the customers experience

Apparel Retailers

  • Create a luxurious, visually striking shopping experience with dynamic display layouts
  • Revolutionize product showcasing with cutting-edge display technology

Small Retail Businesses

  • Attract new customers with digital signage that displays vibrant product images
  • Deliver up-to-date sales information with built-in content management software

Shopping Centres

  • Easily deliver tailored messages to different areas by controlling content remotely
  • Enhance visual content with advanced automatic color management capabilities

Local, National or International Chain Stores

  • Deliver a unified brand identity by displaying consistent, company-wide content
  • Simplify display management in regional stores via network-based operation content

Auto Dealerships

  • Display vibrant, true-to-life images with HD resolution and excellent screen luminosity
  • Enhance the customers shopping experience by connecting easily to peripherals


  • Display financial information in real time with direct access to company databases
  • Promote consumer financial products with easy-to-use content management tools


  • Stimulate diners’ appetites with high definition images of mouth-watering food
  • Promote limited-time-only specials with the Smart Scheduling function

Service Stations

  • Maximize product durability with weather-resistant display covers
  • Improve sales of peripheral goods and services with special offers advertisement