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Aria Digital Screens is leading the retail move to digital signage and displays helping customers create stronger brands and improve customer engagement. Aria Digital Screens provides full services of design, manufacture, installation and support of indoor LED display signs, outdoor LED screens and semi outdoor LED big screens for retail customers.

Servicing customers in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and regional areas.

Let our Experts help you Increase your Sales with Digital Signage!

Digital Menu Boards

Increase your sales and open up opportunities with digital menu boards. Aria Digital Screens chooses brightsign to power our digital menus. Check out the video to learn more about digital menu boards.

Retail Opportunities through LED Retail Signs

Small and large LED screens/signs are a perfect advertising platform for retail stores. Communicating directly with passing traffic gives business the best chance of turning advertising dollars into revenue. There are a great deal of options to suit any budget when it comes to digital signage. Speak to us to learn more about how a digital sign could grow your sales significantly. 

Seriously High Resolution LED displays

Aria Digital Screens has some of the highest quality screens available in the world. This means live sport and entertainment on the big screen look stunning and keep your customers coming back time and time again. The N series as per the image here is only 55mm wide giving you a screen that fits right in like a picture on a wall.

Best Advertising Choice for HD outdoor displays

Pixel Pitch 3.9mm, IP65/54, weather proof; Outdoor Ultra HD display, crystal clear and vivid images; High brightness and auto adjustment according to environment; Intelligent group management, easy and convenient.


How do I control the screen content

There are a range of software options available for digital signage. For a large number of our projects we choose Brightsign. BrightSign is a total signage solution that goes beyond standard digital signage, offering high performance solid-state devices, free feature rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Check out this video for a quick overview on why we choose Brightsign. 

Why our customers sell more with digital signage

Aria Digital Screens has partnered with some of the world leaders in visual display technology. We know that the future of digital LED displays is exciting, and we want to be part of it. Our LED screens utilise the latest technology to ensure our customers have the best-looking displays possible for the application. Whether it be for stunning television displays or real estate advertising platforms our customers know that they can wow their customers with stunning visual effects.

Marketing departments of organisations or their media agencies can now communicate with individual LED signs or networks of multiple LED displays locally or across the globe. Efficiency and return on investment are dramatically improved through automation of brand management and advertising content, delivering timely and relevant digital communication to your markets worldwide.

Outdoor LED Screen to increase sales

An outdoor LED screen is a fantastic advertising platform to generate more leads and increase sales. Forget traditional advertising, digital advertising allows you to target your message directly to your target market in your area. When executed correctly results can be outstanding.

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